Mar 30, 2012


Latest song from Ryan Higa feat Chester See..
yeah, nothing really gay about it..

Human Nature..

what do you see?
obviously a black dot right?
yet as simple as this picture might seem..
there is a huge meaning to it..
moral: no matter how much good things you've done, once you did a SINGLE bad thing, all of that good stuff is forgotten..
get it?
people remember the bad and discard the good..
it's the human nature..
it cannot be changed..
it is what it is..
so whatever you do, be careful..
perception changes in a blink of an eye..

Jan 17, 2012

Don't Hate It, Embrace It..

Peace Be Upon You..

living life to the fullest can be a hard thing to do..
considering the nature of it..
people, environments, etc..

as goes the saying, it takes all kind of people to make up the world..
and it couldn't be more true..
if all of us were the same in every aspect..
huh, can't imagine how dull the world would be..
everyone's a critic, in any other ways..
take example for instance..
your friends in Facebook..
i'm pretty sure all of them are different..
some are very open while others are not..
being open i meant that they frequently update statuses, upload pictures etc..
and this in turn do create some problems as some see it..
yes, personally, i do get irritate by people who constantly update rubbish statuses..
eg: saying that they are angry, sad, happy..
(to be fair, FB asks "What's on your mind?")
sadly lots of people abused this question..
and yes, i've seen lots of cursing related statuses..
and it is horrible..

but in the end, it all depends on the user itself..
i do agree that the user has every right to do what he/she wishes to do on her FB..
though haters are bound to be had..
that's why we, rather a bit unfortunately, must embrace these people..
though we may hate them in the beginning..
but hey, there might be some of them who reflect your actual self..
 without them, we might be lost ourselves..
with this, they remind us on what type of person we actually must be..

 so i think that is it..
try to live with this people..
and if you have a problem..
FACE it, not FACEBOOK it..

p/s: yeah, i'm being a bit hypocritical, haha..

Jan 1, 2012

Happy New Year..!!

Peace Be Upon You..
so 2011 has left us, and 2012 comes..
leave all the bad memories behind, and take the good one with you..
take the positives, throw the negatives..
lets hope that 2012 will be a better year than the year before..

so to all my family and friends..

here's some pictures of Labuan's MODEST fireworks show..

p/s: sorry for the picture quality..

here's a short video of it too..