Jun 21, 2011

Lower 6 Orientation..

assalam readers..
so recently we (PERTIM) just concluded the orientation programme for the latest batch of Lower 6 students..
i didn't have pictures from Day 1 & 2 so i'll just show pics from Day 3..

Day 1
-starts with group dynamics and a bit of warm up..
-briefing about PERTIM and subsequent activities..
-parliament-style debate followed by the Four Friends..

Day 2
-1Malaysia theme, groups required to create traditional outfits using recycled material (newspapers) and then modeled it..

Day 3
-explorace, groups are required to complete a task at each (7) checkpoint located randomly around the school compound..

carry a bucket with their feet without falling over..

eating salt covered apple without touching them

tamarind juice and a few nasty snacks..

for every task unsuccessfully completed, each member will get their faces "coloured"

finally a simple closing ceremony..
btw our principle will be moving soon..
to SMK Taman Perumahan Bedaun..

overall, it was a successful programme..
on behalf of the organizers..
a BIG thank you to everyone involved..!
that's it..

p/s: there was a futsal match between us and the Lower 6 students, which unfortunately ended with something broke..

Jun 19, 2011

Birth-day Out..

roads are winding no matter how straight they are..
?? :p

time flies so fast..
that its hard to believe that today is my birthday..!!
i'm 19 years old, hehe..
like my friends say "tua sudah ko wang"..
it's ok, everyone get older, huhu..

so, today i just went out for a simple and normal outing..
of coz Cik Nurul Fazlinda i bought along..
or rather she bought along, hehe..
we went to the library..
meet Jusman there..

after a while, we went to UK (not United Kingdom)..
pick up Hiswan and Safiq along the way..
btw there's a Hari Koperasi at school..
but as we pass by, it doesn't look too exciting..

so we went straight to UK..
Kevin came along to join us..
and we had our lunch at Chicken Rice Shop..

then we went to the beach..
just to loiter for a while..
the beach near Tiara Hotel..
quite a nice view there..
can see ships and Pulau Papan in the distance..

after that, we went home..
so it was nothing much today..
just it was my birthday..!
and i get to spend it with my beloved friends..!!

i hope there will be a next time..
insyaAllah it will be given..
here are some pics i shot today..

and to my friends who are far away from me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the wish you all gave to me..
i appreciate it very much and you all just completed my day..

me :)

Jusman & Safiq

BEST team

Lynda <3

Jun 9, 2011

Hidden Beach (Maybe)..

do you know where this beach is?
it's somewhere in Labuan..
have a look..
can you guess it?

Jun 8, 2011

The Trusty Van..!!

my family car..
the Perodua Rusa..
just a simple efficient made in Malaysia van..
but with Japanese technology (maybe)..

a bit of info..

~bought in 1998~
~still have the original white colour (maybe)~
~have been to Kuching and Tawau (both once)~
~not very fast, top speed around 75 km/h~
~manual transmission, 6-speed gearbox including reverse~
~fuel efficiency now is less reasonable~
~changes: seating and interior covering, tire rim, bumper~
~easy to drive, handling can be a bit hard~
~overall decent transport vehicle~

the smiling van :)

Jun 7, 2011


so school is less than a week away..
2 weeks of holiday is ain't that much really..
i spent the 1st week of holiday looking at Facebook, blogs, sport news, NigaHiga etc..
and retracing my footsteps in Labuan Town..
that's pretty much all..

despite this..
its inevitable that homeworks still linger in my mind..
its not that much, but have little interest in doing it, huhu..
i'm not lazy, i'm just conserving energy..
but don't worry, i am inching my way through those homeworks..
hope that i can complete around 85.8963% of it before school reopens..

btw, i'm a bit anxious to know my mid-term exam results..
i hope that there will be some sort of improvements..
the least i can get is having a pointer marked..

nothing really to talk about the holidays..
just a bit of reminder..
just like my dear bestie said..

be grateful no matter where you are studying, not turning on others who gets "better" and "easier" routes..

anyway, good luck to my friends at your respective U's, polytechnics, private colleges, 6th form, upper secondary and so on..
just do your best okay?


Jun 5, 2011

Sorry, Blame It On Me..!!

i just edit the original lyrics a bit..
but you can still sing along to the instrumental..
if you want to..

As life goes on I'm starting to learn more and more about responsibility,
And I realize everything I do is affecting the people around me,
So I want to take this time out to apologize for things that i didn't done,
And things that haven't occurred yet,
And things that they don't want to take responsibility for,

I'm sorry for the times that I left you there,
I was so busy entertaining myself,
I'm sorry for the times that I make dunno,
I'm sorry for the fact that I did not know,

That i was sitting there just wishing we,
Could go back to when it was just you and us,
I'm sorry for the times I didn't neglect,
I'm sorry for the times I had respect,

I'm sorry for the right things that I've done,
I'm sorry I am always there for my friends,
I'm sorry for the fact that I was always aware,
That you can always sleep when I'm needing you

Because I'm at the school like every day,
I'm sorry for the things that I have not say,
Like how you are the worst thing in my world,
And how I am so proud to call you my friends,

I don't understand what's your problems,
And I am not just blind to know,
All the pain i kept inside me,
Even though you might not know,

If I can apologize for being wrong,
Then it's just a shame on me,
I'll be the reason for your ignorance,
And you can put the blame on me,

You can put the blame on me(x4)

Said you can put the blame on me(x3)
You can put the blame on me

I'm sorry for the things that you put me through
And all the times you always know what to do
I'm sorry that you had to go and leave me there,
Just trying to stay busy till you passed your exams,

When you would rather be with all your other friends,
As one big family with money and pride,
And even though i treated u like friends
u just ignored and disliked me,

u got up and left me here all alone
I'm sorry that you had to do it with your best friends
I'm sorry that I came and added to your grief
I'm sorry that I'm a guy who was once a "thief"

I'm sorry that I didn't knew that fast
I wish I would've ignored and not be so bad
I'm sorry that my life turned out this way
I'm sorry that monkeys came and took you away


I'm sorry that it took so short to see
They were dead wrong trying to ignore on me
I'm sorry that it took so long to speak
But I was on tour with Ili and Afifi,

I'm sorry for the hand that you didn't dealt
For the embarrassment that you felt
Just a little young boy trying to have fun
but u didn't bring because he's too young

I'm sorry for friendships getting shut down
I hope you manage better next time around
How was I to know i was too bad-ass?
In a money and pride club they say

Why doesn't anybody wanna take blame?
u came backed out disgracing my name
I'm just a student trying to entertain
Because I love my friends I'll take that blame

Even though the blame's on you(x3)
I'll take that blame from you

And you can put that blame on me
And you can put that blame on me
You can put that blame on me
And you can put that blame on me

And you can put that blame on me(x2)

based on: Akon-Sorry, Blame It On Me

Jun 4, 2011


my sunset is your sunset..
the sunset is ours..
ok, sorry for that..

sunsets are one of the most beautiful and captivating everyday phenomenon..
it happens everywhere, beaches, cities, towns, villages, North Pole, South Pole, Greenland, Iceland, Thailand, Legoland etc.

just remember to face the west for sunsets, not the other way round..
sunsets means the end of day and beginning of night..
and signals for Maghrib prayers..

so, i just want to share a few pictures of sunsets with you all..
take a look..

Layang-Layangan Beach

Temerlan, Kuching

North London, England

Layang-Layangan Beach

Jun 2, 2011

I'm Hardcore..!!

I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I got bling hanging down to the floor
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Are you a girl scout imma shut the door
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I don't ride horses I ride unicorns
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Gimme gimme gimme gimme more

Stomping on a bed of the prettiest flowers
Pulling out the roots with ultimate power
Don't care what you think; don't care about you
This is how I roll; this is how I do

I'm stronger, faster, than all you haters
I'll blow right by you on my scooter skater
I can pedal my feet like nobody can
You can't catch me cuz I'm the ginger bread man!!!!

Beautiful flowers stomped on for hours
So strong and so fast, hey haters can lick my grass
Don't even know why, people will try
To make me cry, but I'll never cry, well, maybe sometimes

I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I got bling hanging down to the floor
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Are you a girl scout imma shut the door
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I don't ride horses I ride unicorns
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Gimme gimme gimme gimme more

Like the ass phalt I'm hard on the street
Just like sand, I'm the son of a beach
People call me animal, but I can be three
A beaver, cat, duck, a platypussy

I do the dishes everyday
The water burns my hands, but I'll NEVER show the pain
My hands hurt, my hands hurt, I will be ok
I'm trying to hold it in, but I really want to scream

I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I got bling hanging down to the floor
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Are you a girl scout imma shut the door
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I don't ride horses I ride unicorns
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Gimme gimme gimme gimme more

I'm so hard baby. So so hard like a rock baby.
Rock hard, rock hard, yeah. Like concrete, like concrete, baby.
I'm hardcore!

I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I don't run I just do parkour
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I do the river dance on the dance floor
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Give to rich and steal from the poor
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Gimme gimme gimme gimme more

I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I go to bed at 8:24
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
I'm an ASSSO
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Besa mis labios senor
I'm hardcore, I'm hardcore!
Imma fart when I walk through your door

song performed by: Ryan Higa, JR Aquino, David Choi

For You My Friends..!!

my literature is not that good, but words do sometimes spontaneously come out from my mind..
so why not i just make a simple poem (maybe) for you all..
btw, it will be in Malay language..

alangkah baiknya jika seperti dahulu,
gelak ketawa tangis bersama,
ringan tulang menjinjing bahu,
penat rehat kita lepak dulu..

jarak antara kita begitu jauh,
dalam kilometer mahupun batu,
jarak yang sangat menusuk kalbu,
membawa bersamanya rasa rindu..

alangkah baiknya kita dapat bersama,
bebas dari segala sengketa,
tiada gangguan tiada keraguan,
tenang juga hati dan jiwa..

masing-masing telah memilih jalan,
menguji segala kekuatan persahabatan,
membawa pergi bersama saat kegembiraan..

dikalau jarak membuat kita terlupa,
ku cuma mngharap satu benda,
agar jauh di sudut hati kamu,
ada ruang untukku bersama..

keraguanku mungkin telah membuat kita jauh,
perasaan yang menusuk bagai sembilu,
namun ku tetap mengaharapkan yang terbaik untuk kamu..

segala keputusan kamu akan ku hormati,
walaupun ianya bermaksud untuk meninggalkan diri,
jikalau itu yang terbaik untuk kamu,
akan ku turuti permintaan kamu..

ku cuba memahami hidup kamu,
kiranya ku gagal,
ku berharap kamu dapat memaafi diri,
kerana ku juga manusia tak sempurna..

ku berharap kamu tak melupakanku,
kerana ku sedar,
walau anda berada di mana juga,
facebook ada di mana-mana..

walaupun itu kemahuanku,
tak dapat ku menikmati segalanya itu,
walaupun ku pernah menggunakan celcom Xpax,
kekurangannya tetap ku rasa..

ku merindui masa kita BBQ,
kerana di pantai anginya berseru,
ku merindui saat-saat itu,
jauh di hatiku ku hanya dapat bercakap huhu..

ku tak berniat untuk menyakiti kamu,
ku cuma meluahkan perasaanku,
kerana ianya sangat membelenggu..

walaupun kita tak berkawan di facebook,
tak semestinya ku tak nak bersama kamu lagi,
mungkin ada gangguan yang tak diingini,
membuat ku rasa hilang privasi..

akan ku ingatkan diriku,
betapa sibuknya kamu,
berkorban untuk masa hadapan kamu,
agar kebaikan dapat dikongsi bersama..

spontannya ku mengukir sajak (kali la) ini,
khas untuk kamu tatapi,
maafkan jika ku melampaui,
dan janganlah kamu menyepi,
kerana saya boleh guarantee,
dekat di hatiku ini,
ku sentiasa berharap,
agar persahabatan kita kekal abadi..

sekian, sajak dari budak kelas sains..