Dec 27, 2011


yesterday me & my friends had a little BBQ..
just a mini one..
a low budget one..
we only bbq-ed sausages..
because in Labuan..
chicken wings are so expensive..

after that we went for a cruise around the island..
looking at houses and cars we can't afford..
just for sake of it..

Dec 14, 2011

There It Is..

as the post title says..
there it is..
my Form 6 STPM journey has come to an end..
and i'm feeling a bit sad..
and relief that it's over..

it was a tough experience though..
having to face new challenges, new environment, new people..
but overall i have managed through all of it, literally..

and honestly i will be missing some awesome people i've met along the way..
lots of them really..
and rest assure, they will always be a part of my life..

hmm, so i've been doing a little bit of flashback on my Form 6 life..
of course there were some highlights..
how could Form 6 life is without events, hehe..
so here's some of them i think..

i. Pulau Gaya trip..
ii. Lower 6 Orientation..
iii. Futsal matches..
iv. New friends..
v. Meeting Her :)

however it turns out to be..
i wanna thank Allah..
for letting me go through this path..
safely and successfully..
and though for now our paths are separated..
insyaAllah it will converge again somewhere..