Sep 30, 2010

Best of My Pics..!!

hmm, while i have no story to post about..
i juz wan to share la..
the best shots ive captured..
thru the lens..
of a simple camera..
thru the eyes..
of an ordinary person..

but the results, for me..
r sometimes stunning..

so here r some of my favourites~

sunset in North London..

Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower

at Land's End..

Arsenal's Emirates Stadium..

London's Buckingham Palace..

glance of heaven in Liverpool..

Scotland's Edinburgh Castle..

a seaside town in Scotland..

the British flag flying high..

one of London's cool cars, i think, hehe..

eat that!!

dunno what flower is this, hehe..

low tide at Layangan Beach..

my fav pic, sunset glow..

flying without wings..

Steven Gerrard at Madame Tussauds..

Pillar of Loneliness..

sea cactus..

fly on a flower..

standing out among others..


now we're burning..

sand view..

Sep 21, 2010


i know..
that u all went..
leaving me here at labuan..
but its ok..
bcoz its 4 gud reasons..
so that balanced the books..

i miz when all of us were together..
jalan2 kt bndr..
men game kt cc..
p ambl gmbr2..
buang masa n duit, hehe..
moments that we spend together..

i myself now just cut a lonely figure..
nothing to do..
coz my reliable frens r not around me..

but now, that will not happen..
for the time being at least..
i know that we will gather together again..
its juz a matter of when rather than will..

so my frens..
wherever you are..
from egypt to malaysia(??)..
just remember that u will come back to where u started..
n i assure u, that somebody will always be there waiting for u to come home..

Sep 8, 2010


yo yo yo..
wassup everybody..
hehe..lama sdh nda update blog, coz xda story utk dcritakan..huhu..
well, actually arini a bit mixed la..
coz dpt sungkai with frens..
but..also c Ili have to go back to her kampung..
so she cant sungkai with us..huhu..
well, org ckp smua ada haluan masing2 kan??
hehe..sdh jd lumrah khidupan..
emm..1st2 skali, hehe..
afternoon p ambl c kembar dorg..
abg n adik..
hehe..dorg pn stdy d tmpt ssh la jua sdh mau jmpa dorg..
smapi d uk, jln2..
tnggu c ili..ckp mau turun jam 12.30..
tgk2, deyh, kmi smpai dia msh d rmh..
tnggu2, dtgla dia..dgn dia pny escort..
org KK dgn Johor :p

sungkai meal

actlly around 4pm kmi sdh booking seat d KFC..
hehe..sttle awal, spya nda pyh brebut2..
takut nda tmpt duduk utk org KK bha..
then ili's mom called..telling her its time to go..well, she dont look sad to me..
but im sure she just kept in inside..
heheafter some last hugs n handshaked, there she goes..
huhu..see ya in one year!!

y i'm always the last to know??!!

emm..while me n kembar r caught in the middle of d gossip..
we juz diam2 la..
tnggu masa mau sungkai..
hehe..smbl2 tu, smpt lg c Diba ma c Sap p bli..
em, watever la, aku pn nda tau..hahaha


pastu kmi p queue up la..
rmai jga org mau sungkai d kfc..
for some reasons whatsoever..c Diana sakit..nda slera mau makan..
c Diba tu plak jeling2 arah c Diana pny meal.
hahahhahhahah :p

ni dia cik Diba, she just cant get enough..!! hahaha

so after makan2, minum2, borak2(dorg bini2 jala)..
time to go..
xsdar pn masa brlalu..hmmm..
well, looks like we juz have to move on la..hehe..
so, until next time..gudbye..

bonus pic: any similarity?? hahahahha.. (jan marah aa sap)

(post ni saya blasah jak taip, hehe)

Sep 3, 2010

She's Going..!!

felt like just yesterday we were wondering..
"ala, lama lg bln september.."
but now, here we are..
in the month of SEPTEMBER..!!
that means..
she's going..

well, its her decision she wanted to go..
she wanted to get out of Malaysia..
n that is what she gets..
looks like this year's raya is gonna be less than decent..

i've lost too many reliable frens..
n im about to lose another..
but for good reasons though..
which well balanced the books..

so looks like she was rite that day..
that was her first n last time she'll take a ride..
how salty can mouths be..????

i hope Egypt will take good care of this Malaysian kid..
so that she'll come back to where she belonged..
to the arms of her loved ones..
so, ADIOS fren..!!