Dec 9, 2010


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Awang Ishak

Brother(s): none..

Sister(s): one(elder)..

Eye Colour: black la..

Shoe Size: 8..

hair: black la..

Piercing: nope..not my cup of tea..

Height: around 172cm..

What are you wearing right now? : jersey and tracksuit, haha..

Where do you live: Labuan F.T., Malaysia..

Favourite number: 5..

Favourite drink: emmmm, cant name one in particular..

Favourite month: June..

Favourite breakfast: anything yg blh dimakan pagi2, haha..


Broken a bone: prnh dislocate shoulder..

Been in a police car: van pn dikira? klo mcm tu prnh la..

Fallen for a friend: of coz la..!!

Fallen for a guy/girl in short period of time: yezza.. :p

Swam in the Ocean: emm, xigt..

Fallen asleep in school: it's a must, haha..

Broken someone's heart: yes.. :( it broke my heart tOo..

Cried when someone died: soon..

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : xprnh..kol?! dui, sms pn nada..

Saved e-mails: emm, none..haha

Been Cheated: cheated how? haha


what your room look like: like Greensburg after the tornado..! hahaaha..

what is right beside you: my breakfast..

what is the last thing you ate: bread+egg..


who did you last yelled at: nobody, kikikikki..

who was the last person you danced with: xprnh dance laa..

who last made you smile: someone who is not my fren..=)


what are you listening at now?: something bout' love by David Archuleta..

what did you do today: men komputer, tdo..

Are you the oldest?: nope..haha

Indoors and Outdoors?: 60%-60%..


talk to someone you like?: Nope...=(

kiss anyone?: Nope.....

sing?: ada, utk elakkan keboringan..

talk to an ex?: i've never had a gf..

miss someone?: yes..

eat?: bread+egg..


You talked to on the phone?: emmmm...

made you cry?: my past memories..hehehe

went to the movies with?: xprnh went to watch movies..huhuhuhu..

you went to the mall with?: sorg2 jak..

who cheered you up?: myself..


been to mexico?: no..
been to USA?: no juga..


have a crush to anyone?: ada..!!

what book are you reading right now?: emm...

best feeling in the world?: happy..!!

Future kids name?: not in mind yet..

do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: no..

whats under your bed?: rubbish..!!

favourite sport(s) : football(soccer), futsal..

Favourite place: anywhere yg blh tenangkan hati..

who do you really hate?: i dun want to hate anybody if i can..

do you have a job?: dulu la, hehe..

aku mau tag..
sapa2 jak yg baca blog aku ni..

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