Jan 2, 2011

Getting Ready..!!

hello everyone, hehe..
so, its Sunday, school is around the corner, clearly in sight..haha..
honestly, am i ready for school?
the answer is a definite NO!

why is that so?
i havent completed my assignments :p
ya, i know, im quite or very lazy rather..huhu..
i dun know how upper 6 season will turn out..
the only thing that need changes is ME!
i have to change my attitude, relegate that laziness and heavy head..haha..

homeworks and assignments are the least of my worries, literally..
the fact that i have to survive a year with some human beings, which i dont get along well, its quite bothering..and given the proximity of my class to the other upper 6 classes..oo ya, im in for a rough ride..
ignoring is not the solution, as i have to met them 5 days a week!

hmm, having friends that i can trust and be there when i need them are long gone, maybe its time for being independent, huhu..which is hard, since i have never been in this situation..
i know, as long i finished my homeworks and assignments, the weight will be off my shoulders a bit..which is good..

so, tonight ill finish of my chemistry assignment as much as possible, which will be quite a relief, hope so, if i do it, hehe..
iron my clothes, prepare everything at night..
so welcome back to school..
i am not in relative comfort anymore, im in HELL ON EARTH!..


  1. Selamat tahun baru 2011 adeq!! :)
    I wish u hav a wonderfull 2011 with your upper 6 season..hik3x...GOOD LUCK dear!

    tell me what subject u taken..

  2. sLmat tahun baru jga kak!!! hehe..tq very much, i will try my absolute best!! huhu..insyaAllah..

    adk ambl chem,bio,komputing,maths

  3. 5 subject ar tu kan?? GoodLuck! boleh bgtau akak sape kawan2 adeq yg ambil Pend Seni??

  4. 6..pa dgn muet..hehe..yg ambl pndidikan seni?? hmm..xigt la kak..huuhu

  5. nnt dah ingat bgtau k :P haha! ada benda mau tnya dia. :P