May 24, 2011

Things Conclude..!!

assalammualaikum everyone..

so the football season recently just concluded..
plenty of final day dramas around Europe's top leagues..
especially the BPL..
Blackpool's fairytale ended, Birmingham got relegated in stoppage time, woeful West Ham went first, Liverpool didn't qualified for Europe, managers sacked, and much more..

btw, our mid-term exam concluded too at the same time..
i tried my best..
and i hope that there will be a significant improvement in my result..
not sure about Maths T though, and Chemistry..
the others though, there's the slight odd..
who knows..

i can say that my Biology improved much!
may not be with flying colours..
but an improvement still..
a bit unfair because the questions are from past-years STPM..
but still, gotta answer the question rite..
and the others who got good marks in Biology have the questions way earlier before i did..
so its level playing field..

anyway, school holidays are coming..
will try to complete assignments given..
hope so..
so, that's all i think..
till next time..


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