Dec 14, 2011

There It Is..

as the post title says..
there it is..
my Form 6 STPM journey has come to an end..
and i'm feeling a bit sad..
and relief that it's over..

it was a tough experience though..
having to face new challenges, new environment, new people..
but overall i have managed through all of it, literally..

and honestly i will be missing some awesome people i've met along the way..
lots of them really..
and rest assure, they will always be a part of my life..

hmm, so i've been doing a little bit of flashback on my Form 6 life..
of course there were some highlights..
how could Form 6 life is without events, hehe..
so here's some of them i think..

i. Pulau Gaya trip..
ii. Lower 6 Orientation..
iii. Futsal matches..
iv. New friends..
v. Meeting Her :)

however it turns out to be..
i wanna thank Allah..
for letting me go through this path..
safely and successfully..
and though for now our paths are separated..
insyaAllah it will converge again somewhere..

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