Jul 24, 2010


'ari sabtu kita piknik ah, d pantai'

yeaa, piknik kita ni, haha..original plan: buat d pntai lygn..
hmm, "un-planned B": rmh afifi..

hmm, well..1st of all..congratz to Ili Tinky Winky n c Pernando..
for passing their KPP test..

ni nah org bkal dpt lesen, yg SAH..

well, it seems obvious that today wont be a clear day..
during noon only there was a brief sunshine..
but the rest, very windy with light drizzle..(mcm weather report plak..)hmm..
so, since the weather didnt cooperate..
we had to change location..to afifi's house..
now its officialy a BBQ, not PICNIC..!!
haha..masa aku otw mau p pntai..
jmpa c afifi, then have to hntar dia p rmh gna basikal..
then gna kreta ambil the gurls d pntai lygn..

preparation is important, always clean ur grill with soap n water, haha..

trying to turn the sabut into arang..

so now we start la tu BBQ..
have tu bakar sabut klapa dlu..afifi try, tp xdpt, then dia n ili p jemput c mashitah..
do aku try, pn xdpt..after almost 2 hours still the sabut xmau jd arang..
(last2 g kdai bli arang)..
then we're burnin..!!
kcian tu ayam kna tnggu..

whats the helmet for?? SAFETY!!!

yeah, its burning..

ooya, today we were able to gather together once again..
(sadly minus Zakwan)..
but its ok..
coz we're still one big family..hahaha..

we'll always be family, hehehe..

so while the girls p memanggang, me n Pernando p ambl krusi n meja..
smbl manggang tu, smpat lg posing take pics..
besala, sdh org trip artis..
especially yg pkai bju spain tu..haha..
btw, kcian c diana kelaparan..
(once again)..
sbb dia ckp dia xmkn since morning..
surely cant be dieting..
so after we siap manggang..
time to eat..!!
yeaa, mkan2..
(i already eat 3 sosej i think)..hehe..so i dont have quite much room in my stomach..
tp its ok, we still had a decent meal..
i think diana make the rice more delicious when she serve it..

ni nah cheese cake tu..

so, after meal..
we had desserts..c ili pn mau buat float..
simple jak, its more diy, haha..
c ili minum tu float, pny bsing, mcm org yg nda minum 1 mnggu, haha..
n the eagerly anticipated cheese cake pn finally dpt dihidang..
thumbs up, it was nice..
tp syg aku dh xdpt muat lg food dlm perut..
huhu..diana, make another one 4 raya k..

i'm the man!! hahahaha..

makan makan makan..rpnya may jam 5.30 sdh..
time flies..
we dun realise it..
after packing up, we tnggu bapa c afifi..
or rather for the car..
coz mau hntar ni datin2 blk rmh..
em, thats it la..i think yg dpt aku critakan..
maybe ili's blog will story it with more details..
hope u have fun reading..
n thanks to u my frens..
for this wonderful day..!!thank u very2 much..!!!!!!!

thanks to: Afifi, Mira, Mashitah, Diana, Ili, (emm, me also la, haha)

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