Jul 21, 2010


feels so good to gather with frens..
especially after such boring tests..
feels nice to get out..free my mind..well, it did take its toll on me..
as i am forced to carry extra weight..huhu..
but nevermind, its worth it..
it was Ili's idea to go out today..
bcoz she wanted to buy ingredients for her cake..??
haha..n so nice to meet with Diana again..
(she's studying at Matrix Labuan, but i feels she's so far away)..

well, it didnt started quite well though..
i felt for poor Danielle..
(i borrowed her computing book for the shop to photostat it, but the shop wasnt finished..so im very sory Danielle..if u dont get good marks for computing, u can put the blame on me k..)
then 'Kak' Ili ask me to meet her at Agro Bank..
(she was doing some business i guess)..
then we went to UK..jmpa c Buyut n Afifi..
(c Pernando, haha)..
then went to food court, n Diana came with her fren..
(i forgot her name, haha)..then off we went to buy ili's magical cake ingredients..
(somewhere near Utama Jaya)..

on the way p Utama Jaya..

then Diana..
blk2 said 'ui, aku lapar ni!!'kcian dia, haha..so we p makan d Choice Rest..
we just minum2 jak, Diana makan roti telur..
(c buyut blanja aku Coke, coz aku xda duit..haha)

haha, diana kna candid..!! hungry!!

then finally we went to the Pos Laju office..
ili wanted to post something..
by this time c Pernando sdh blk, mau men bola..
n i also had to get my photostated book..
(once again, sory Danielle)..

take pic dlu while waiting for diana's fren to gadai her hp..

oooya, between all this..
kmi pusing2 mau cari kedai hp..
sbb Diana pny kwan mau gadai her hp..
hbs satu bandar kmi pusing..(literally la)
n i dunno if she managed to..haha..

so, thats it la..
tu ja yg mampu aku critakan..
huhu..my knee is almost trcabut..
(i use Manglish, haha)..
but as i said before..

it was all worth it..!!
but its sad, coz i know..
we know..that this moments will rarely happen again soon..
so i will treasure it..


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