Feb 14, 2011


hey there..
forget bout school, it was uneventful..
but the following scene was yet another experience i've to go through with my car..
huhu (i left my key in the car a few weeks ago)
luckily, i always have someone to count on..
my fellow Pertim's..
who stand by me when im in trouble..

-No is simply not an option-

emm, today i was planning to go to the bank..
after school, so Kevin and Riduan tagged along..
once that i tried to start the car..
it wont..
aaaaarrrrgggggggggggghhhhh!! the battery went flat!!
i then looked at the head lamp toggle..
aaaaaarrr!!! i forgot to switch the head light off!!!
there goes the battery..

after minutes of trying to locating the battery..
Kevin aka The Mechanics' Son aka National Georaphic Society found it..
Riduan called Robin to bring some spanars..
which he duly carries out..
in that time, Tracy and Xiu Hong also came..
Kevin suggested that we "jump" the battery..
but we didnt have the crocodile clips..
Tracy and Xiu Hong then decided to look for a teacher..
while the rest of us continue to ponder..

after few minuted the teacher came..
i forgot his name, hehe..
since he deduced that the alternator is okay, that we can start the car by pushing it..
after a few attempts, the car almost started..
the teacher said there was not enough fuel..
which i went against a bit..
(fool of me, huhu)..
so Tracy and Riduan went to buy some fuel..

after they arrived back, and finish refuelling..
we tried again..
WALAAA!! the car started!!
such relief for me and us..

em, ive learned a lot from this experience..
and one more thing, i have friends that i can count on..
true friends, who said "i'll try me best" instead of "no"..
i've owed a lot to them n the teacher..

i thanked you from the bottom of my heart..
for helping me out..
and doing anything within their will power..
so thanks again :)

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA.. hw come la u can forgot to switch off the headlamp. aigooo~ XD