Apr 10, 2011

Pulau Gaya..!! (Part 1)

Last February, SMK Labuan's Form 6 Association (PERTIM) organised a motivation camp..
which was held at Padang Point, Pulau Gaya..
i forgot the dates, but it was before the school holidays..
the program was held to broadened our minds, since we are "island people"..

we gathered at the ferry terminal, waiting to board the car ferry to Menumbok, where our bus was already waiting there..
an uneventful ride on the ferry, nothing much..
just enjoying the view and wind..

once we arrived in Menumbok, we headed straight to the bus, since it was a hot day..
once everybody settled in, the ride to Jesselton Point began..
we passed all the familiar sights..
so it was nothing much..
we stopped on the outskirts of KK to have lunch, before continuing the ride..
but then the bus BROKE DOWN..!

in front of Tanjung Aru Railway Station..
just moments after refuelling..!!
after some time, it was decided that we take all our stuff..
pack it into the van and pickup..
and continue by public transport..

some of the boys including me was the last to pack our stuffs and head to Jesselton Point..
and we start to wonder what might have been if the bus did not broke down..
finally all of us arrived at the ferry terminal safely and quite late..
but we did managed to get to Padang Point before dark..
we all were just relieved to arrived and have a good bath after that..

after prayers and dinner..
some activities was started..
some of us have to act like a macho man, a caring father, pretend as any of our teachers and so on..
and yeah, i sucked at it..

what came after that was a bit of a surprised..
we were told that we will be venturing into the jungle..
at night! yeaaahhh..
a first for me..
after briefings about the do's and dont's..
we in a line entered the jungle..
(out torchlights were taken away)
so only the teachers have them..
we just walk..
without realising that one by one we were told to sit down..
yeap! sit down alone in the dark..
after around 45 minutes being left alone..
we were picked up one by one..
and were made to say a code(SMK Labuan "Our Number")..
and we head back to base camp..
all safely, thank God..
after another slight briefing..
we all head to our camps..
to have a good sleep..
except for some of the boys..
who was on guard for the night..

(sorry for the late post..part 2 coming up!)

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