Jul 29, 2011

Utter Frustration..!!

so last night, stayed up to watch the 2nd leg for the 2014 World Cup Qualifiers 2nd round..
Malaysia vs Singapore at Bukit Jalil National Stadium..
was expecting a win for Malaysia..
and they needed to overcome a 3-5 deficit..

backed by 90,000 strong fans..
creating a hostile environment for the opposition..

so okay, i'll talk about the "it is what it is" things first:
Malaysia didn't played well, midfield was nowhere, defence was shaky, strike force poorly supplied..and they did look dull, having Aidil Zafuan off halfway through the 1st half didn't help..and Safee Sali having to deal with long balls by himself..

Singapore look the livelier, with Shi Jiayi and Duric looking threatening..
defence was well organised, and they looked comfortable all the way..

i've never seen a national football team played such coward, pussy tactics..
say Drogba or Ronaldo or Robben..
but this is even worse!!
playacting from the start, pretending to be hurt..
and the most irritating, needing a damn stretcher EVERY TIME!!
i mean what??! what do you eat? until it makes you so weak? what do you do for training? playing PS3??
i dont know what to say really..
because i only have bad words for that football team..

Malaysian fans who watch or any football fans, you'll know it what it feels..call us sore losers or sour grapes..you guys just made the beautiful game ugly..

so go on, lets see how you play against the bigger Asian teams, and keep playing on your fake pitch with your fake-poreons..

anyway, i'm proud of the Malaysian football team, despite going out, we go out fairly, and rather unfortunately to a bunch of scumbags in red..

the Tigers!

Safee Sali, Malaysia's talisman

team scumbags..!

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