Jul 11, 2011

Walk in the Park..

Labuan's Botanical Garden..
maybe not as large or beautiful as others..
but it's still a decent place for jogging and walking..

a few years back a swimming pool+slide or whatever it is called was built..
and was quite a hit with the locals..
but now, sadly, it is relatively abandoned..
no water, just a bit of mud..
tadpoles and mozzy larva are thriving in the standing water..

the tree house too is left unattended..
now it's deemed to dangerous to enter..
yeah, nothing last long especially with those vandalisers..

the hibiscus fountain is not working too, what a shame..
plus the lily pond walking platform too is nowhere..
skaters park too is not used..
but luckily the playground is well maintained..
and the flowers too..
which compensated for the disused facilities..

so here's a bit of pics..
not much..
just to show a bit..

pulai basong tree, worth RM1.5m

Robin parkour :p

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