Sep 3, 2010

She's Going..!!

felt like just yesterday we were wondering..
"ala, lama lg bln september.."
but now, here we are..
in the month of SEPTEMBER..!!
that means..
she's going..

well, its her decision she wanted to go..
she wanted to get out of Malaysia..
n that is what she gets..
looks like this year's raya is gonna be less than decent..

i've lost too many reliable frens..
n im about to lose another..
but for good reasons though..
which well balanced the books..

so looks like she was rite that day..
that was her first n last time she'll take a ride..
how salty can mouths be..????

i hope Egypt will take good care of this Malaysian kid..
so that she'll come back to where she belonged..
to the arms of her loved ones..
so, ADIOS fren..!!

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