Sep 21, 2010


i know..
that u all went..
leaving me here at labuan..
but its ok..
bcoz its 4 gud reasons..
so that balanced the books..

i miz when all of us were together..
jalan2 kt bndr..
men game kt cc..
p ambl gmbr2..
buang masa n duit, hehe..
moments that we spend together..

i myself now just cut a lonely figure..
nothing to do..
coz my reliable frens r not around me..

but now, that will not happen..
for the time being at least..
i know that we will gather together again..
its juz a matter of when rather than will..

so my frens..
wherever you are..
from egypt to malaysia(??)..
just remember that u will come back to where u started..
n i assure u, that somebody will always be there waiting for u to come home..

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