Sep 30, 2010

Best of My Pics..!!

hmm, while i have no story to post about..
i juz wan to share la..
the best shots ive captured..
thru the lens..
of a simple camera..
thru the eyes..
of an ordinary person..

but the results, for me..
r sometimes stunning..

so here r some of my favourites~

sunset in North London..

Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower

at Land's End..

Arsenal's Emirates Stadium..

London's Buckingham Palace..

glance of heaven in Liverpool..

Scotland's Edinburgh Castle..

a seaside town in Scotland..

the British flag flying high..

one of London's cool cars, i think, hehe..

eat that!!

dunno what flower is this, hehe..

low tide at Layangan Beach..

my fav pic, sunset glow..

flying without wings..

Steven Gerrard at Madame Tussauds..

Pillar of Loneliness..

sea cactus..

fly on a flower..

standing out among others..


now we're burning..

sand view..

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