Apr 11, 2011

Pulau Gaya..!! (Part 2)

my day started quite early, at 2a.m. cause it's my turn to be on sentry..
me and my friends woke, feeling extremely "mamai"..
but we just stayed awake till Subuh prayers..
and watch the morning silhouette disappear..
and city of KK a distant sight..

today's activity starts with the jungle trekking..
which was probably the best activity of the whole program for me..
after gathering according to our groups..
we do a simple warm-up..
to prevent injuries..
and after a briefing..
we head back into the very same track that we were left alone the night before..
only this time it was not in the night!..

after around 1 maybe 2 hours, we finally arrived at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park Station..
took some pictures, have a rest..
it was quite a walk..
along some steep tracks..
c Saiful Adha almost pass out..

we the boys saw some people playing football..
and after they left, its our turn..
we had some kicks..
not to much, coz we were very tired..
while others continue to enjoy the scenery..
which was very nice indeed..
time flies, and its time for us to head back to base camp..

once we arrived back at base camp..
we went for shower..
and a nice lunch of rice and sardines+eggs..
the next activity was not yet announced..
so i took the chance to doze off..
i had a good rest..
though i still heard Arif being excited to be given the permission to swim at sea..
they had a good time for sure..
doing some snorkeling which too was supposed to be one of the activities..

then, i was awakened..
to the sound of the siren..
to be prepared for treasure hunting..!!
i was feeling so mamai!!..
once we gathered in our groups..
we were given our task..
the task was actually only requiring us to go to each checkpoint, ask for the teachers signature, after completing 5 checkpoints, head to the jetty..thats it!..
INSTEAD! we all foolishly ask for a task..
and the teachers happily gave us..
what supposed to be a 30 minute stroll along the beach turned into 2 hours of stupidity..!!
once we all gathered at the jetty..
the teacher said that we all failed miserably..
showing that all are only "friends, not friend"..
but in the end..
it doesnt matter..
we did had a good time..
and i got to know some of the other participants..
which was great..

after that Cgu Azizie asked us to create a sculpture..
made from sand or stone..
which does not pollute, and will return to its former self..
we didnt did well..
and as a punishment..
we were made to charge down to the sea!!

after showers and prayers..
the night's event as BBQ!!
and group performances..
which i didnt took part in..
coz i was not "feeling well"..
so i dont have much to tell about..
but while i was sleeping..
i did saw them gather..
Jusman told me that they did a "self-reflection"
and Riduan got infested by his i dont know what to say la!!

(part 3 coming up..!!)
(note: i wrecked my pants during the trekking! luckily i bought along a spare (: )

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