Apr 13, 2011

Pulau Gaya..!! (Part 3)


well, didnt realise it..
we were on the final day..
we are about to leave this beautiful piece of rock..
for another one..
since the bus is not fixed yet..
the 4th day was canceled..
much to our dismay..
but, we have to move on..
cant stay there forever..

prior before leaving..
a final briefing..
and conclude our trip there..

stuffs packed, boat came..
off back to Jesselton Point..
once there, after discussions among the teachers..
it was decided that we would go back to Labuan by the express..
which means we only had maximum 1 hour to go and have lunch or take a walk at the nearby Suria Sabah..

instead, me, Arif, Jusman, and Riduan took a detour..
we went to KK Plaza..
after having our lunch at the nearby market..
after grabbing some snacks..
its back to Jesselton Point..
and board the ferry..
back to Labuan..

despite spending a relatively short time there..
that place still catches my heart..
and i, and others would be glad to go back there..
and enjoy the scenery..
hope that there will be another trip just like this in the near future..

so that concludes my story for this trip..
which was 2months late..
but i dont really care..
as long as it stays in my memory..

(pic by Cgu Azizie)

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