Jun 7, 2011


so school is less than a week away..
2 weeks of holiday is ain't that much really..
i spent the 1st week of holiday looking at Facebook, blogs, sport news, NigaHiga etc..
and retracing my footsteps in Labuan Town..
that's pretty much all..

despite this..
its inevitable that homeworks still linger in my mind..
its not that much, but have little interest in doing it, huhu..
i'm not lazy, i'm just conserving energy..
but don't worry, i am inching my way through those homeworks..
hope that i can complete around 85.8963% of it before school reopens..

btw, i'm a bit anxious to know my mid-term exam results..
i hope that there will be some sort of improvements..
the least i can get is having a pointer marked..

nothing really to talk about the holidays..
just a bit of reminder..
just like my dear bestie said..

be grateful no matter where you are studying, not turning on others who gets "better" and "easier" routes..

anyway, good luck to my friends at your respective U's, polytechnics, private colleges, 6th form, upper secondary and so on..
just do your best okay?


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