Jun 19, 2011

Birth-day Out..

roads are winding no matter how straight they are..
?? :p

time flies so fast..
that its hard to believe that today is my birthday..!!
i'm 19 years old, hehe..
like my friends say "tua sudah ko wang"..
it's ok, everyone get older, huhu..

so, today i just went out for a simple and normal outing..
of coz Cik Nurul Fazlinda i bought along..
or rather she bought along, hehe..
we went to the library..
meet Jusman there..

after a while, we went to UK (not United Kingdom)..
pick up Hiswan and Safiq along the way..
btw there's a Hari Koperasi at school..
but as we pass by, it doesn't look too exciting..

so we went straight to UK..
Kevin came along to join us..
and we had our lunch at Chicken Rice Shop..

then we went to the beach..
just to loiter for a while..
the beach near Tiara Hotel..
quite a nice view there..
can see ships and Pulau Papan in the distance..

after that, we went home..
so it was nothing much today..
just it was my birthday..!
and i get to spend it with my beloved friends..!!

i hope there will be a next time..
insyaAllah it will be given..
here are some pics i shot today..

and to my friends who are far away from me, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for the wish you all gave to me..
i appreciate it very much and you all just completed my day..

me :)

Jusman & Safiq

BEST team

Lynda <3

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