Jun 21, 2011

Lower 6 Orientation..

assalam readers..
so recently we (PERTIM) just concluded the orientation programme for the latest batch of Lower 6 students..
i didn't have pictures from Day 1 & 2 so i'll just show pics from Day 3..

Day 1
-starts with group dynamics and a bit of warm up..
-briefing about PERTIM and subsequent activities..
-parliament-style debate followed by the Four Friends..

Day 2
-1Malaysia theme, groups required to create traditional outfits using recycled material (newspapers) and then modeled it..

Day 3
-explorace, groups are required to complete a task at each (7) checkpoint located randomly around the school compound..

carry a bucket with their feet without falling over..

eating salt covered apple without touching them

tamarind juice and a few nasty snacks..

for every task unsuccessfully completed, each member will get their faces "coloured"

finally a simple closing ceremony..
btw our principle will be moving soon..
to SMK Taman Perumahan Bedaun..

overall, it was a successful programme..
on behalf of the organizers..
a BIG thank you to everyone involved..!
that's it..

p/s: there was a futsal match between us and the Lower 6 students, which unfortunately ended with something broke..

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