Aug 5, 2011


this post is dedicated to someone far away..
here it is, a bit of pics of Bazaar Ramadhan Labuan Walk..

you know where it is right?

seems like more stalls are set up..
prices of food, are up too..

a whole "Ayam Golek" cost RM18..
"Ayam Percik"(which is no larger than the palm of your hand) cost RM6..
some seriously inflated prices there..

but it may be worth it cause the Bazaar is only held once a year..


  1. at my kampung, da whole ayam golek is rm20 !! my mom bought half, and we ate for 2 days.. hehe ^^ jimat punye pasal

  2. thank u la susa2 sja.. haha.. nti aku akn smpai jg tu bazar sana... x lama lg.. 10 hari lg..