Aug 20, 2011

Get Off..!!

so, i've just been deleted on Facebook by my friend..
why? i don't know..
but presumably because of her BOYFRIEND..

i mean what? posting on her wall is wrong?
so what's the point Mr. Zuckerberg created a wall on Facebook?
for decoration? for fun? for nothing?

i did nothing wrong, i'm just posting stuffs on her wall..
that's enough to ask her to delete me from her friendlist?
if you really do love her, you should be more understanding..
she's not yours officially..
and don't be wrong, i still have the rights to be friends with her..
but by doing this, i'm sorry..
your age means nothing..
you're just getting older but not wiser..

"jealousy because of care" or in Malay "cemburu sebab sayang"..
what does this really mean?
so tell me, do you have to be jealous to love your friends?
i don't think so..
if it is to be this way, than that means if Allah loves my friends, then i have to be jealous to Allah..
what? what piece of crap is this thinking?
it is so unfortunate that you have a piece of shallow mind..
not just you, but anyone who does this and did what was asked to do..
even a monkey is smarter than that!

anyway, sorry for posting this crap..
just want to let my heart out..