Aug 7, 2011

Just the Way We Are..

one of His greatest creation..
blessed with common sense along with two arms, two legs, two eyes, two ears, a mouth, a nose with two holes and many more..
but let's focus about human personality..
what are humans actually made of?
we are made of meat and bones and etc.
plus there's the feelings and other things we cannot touch but can only feel..

humans vary in attitudes and perspectives..
so there will never be the same opinion among all of us..
and there's where the problem rises..
conflicts and disagreements tend to take over our feelings..
leading us to become "smartASSES" and "experts"

humans are born to criticize..
that's an annoying fact..
especially the ones who criticize something are the ones who don't even know how to do the thing they were criticizing..
we all have done that, don't lie to yourself..

i'll take an example..
in football, when a footballer misses a glorious opportunity when it is easier to score..
no doubt fans will start to taunt and jeer him..
but think, what if you were in his shoes?
you were that very player playing in front of huge crowds..
of cause you'll feel nervous..
and that very same feeling struck that player..
that's why he missed..
but of cause footballers are nothing without fans..

how about another example?
this time closer to home..
you keep nagging your friends about being this and that..
while you didn't think about yourself, doing the same mistakes..
thinking yourself is perfect and always correct..
that's a big mistake..

and what about saying other people are immature?
what about you?
are you mature enough?
think again, we will never get mature in everything..
and "claiming" yourself mature is a very bad thing to do..
why? because tagging yourself shows that you are selfish and ignorant..

and one more..
it is worth lying to your people you called your "best friend"?
lying because your "beloved one" told you to do so?
oo, what a shame for being that kind of person..
there's a genuine two-faced tanner..
and at the same time not realizing you were stabbing your friends' back until a MONKEY reminded you..
hahaha, shame on you human..

i wrote this just to share a bit..
and i assure..
i myself did those very same bad things..
and dear did it cost me..
anyway, sorry for wasting your time reading this..

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